The source of Glijun creek

A non-demanding, popular walking tour through the area surrounding Bovec.


  • Route: Bovec - Podklopca - Izvir Glijuna - Plužna - Bovec
  • Difficulty: Non demanding
  • Trail length: 7.4 km
  • Walking time: 2 hours

Route description

This excursion starts in Bovec and continues towards Dvor to the A station of the Kanin cable-car. The tour then continues via the cart track to Radulje. Further down it reaches the macadam road that leads from Podklopca to Plužna. Here it turns right, heads across the Ročica Stream and soon after it left via the path across the bridge over the Gljun Stream, from where it ascends up to the HEP channel. Here one should turn right and follow the channel up to the artificial lake. Nearby, the source of the Gljun and its waterfall are worth seeing. From here one should follow the path (at first covered by concrete and then asphalt) via the bridge over the Gljun Stream and further to the hamlet of Plužna. From Plužna one should follow the main road back to Bovec.