Log pod Mangartom


  • Route: Kluže fortress - Log pod Mangartom
  • Difficulty: Undemanding
  • Walking time: 2 hours

Route description

An undemanding walking trail that starts at Kluže Fortress, continues through the tunnel along the right bank of the Koritnica River, and leads to the confluence of the Koritnica and Nemčlja rivers. From here it follows the right bank of the Nemčlja above its gorge along the macadam road leading to the main road. Further along, the trail follows the riverbed of the Koritnica River to Log pod Mangrtom. An alternative is to continue the excursion via the village of Strmec up to the Predel Pass.

Points of interest

Among the sights that can be viewed along this trail are Kluže Fortress, the limestone quarry near the Koc homestead, and the gorge and waterfall of the Nemčlja Stream.In addition, it offers splendid views of the Koritnica Valley surrounded by Mt. Mangrt, Mt. Jalovec and Loška Stena (the wall of Log). The end of the trail in Log pod Mangrtom can be yet another starting point for visiting numerous waterfalls in its surroundings.