Bovec water sports

Rafting, kayaking and hydrospeed on Soča river

Kajak na SočiThe Bovec area is known worldwide for the attractive sports developed along its beautiful watercourse – the emerald Soča River. You can experience it by kayak, raft or hydro-speed. Together with experienced guides, the everchanging Soča River promises pleasures not only to novices, but also to more experienced white-water enthusiasts.


Canyoning the tributaries of the Soča and Koritnica rivers will raise one's pulse rate for sure – the route across numerous waterfalls and rapids, as well as pools and limestone baths, leaves no one indifferent.


Even though the Soča Valley is known as the "Adrenaline Valley", its treasures are also suitable for more peaceful recreational experiences. The Soča plays home to its namesake native trout, which is classified among the largest representatives of its type, and the river is a genuine paradise for fishermen and fly-fishing enthusiasts. Its uniquely coloured waters are suitable for swimming in many of its pools, while divers are exhilarated by sites where the river reaches mysterious depths.