Source of the Soča river

A semi-demanding biking trail that leads past the Source of the Soča River to the valley of Zadnja Trenta.


  • Route: Turn off Izvir Soče - Izvir Soče- Turn off Izvir Soče
  • Trail: semi demanding
  • Suitable for: mountain and road bikes
  • Length: 5.6 km
  • Altitude difference: 170 m
  • Garmin GPS:

Route description

The tour starts at the turn-off for Izvir Soča on the Trenta-Vršič Road. Following the asphalt road, one reaches Koča pri izviru Soče (Lodge at the Source of the Soča River) after 1.3 km. Here the macadam road begins and takes one past the isolated homesteads of typical Trenta-like architecture to a parking lot. Return is made via the same route.

Points of interest

The returning point of this biking trail can be yet another starting point for a mountaineering experience (climbing Mt. Jalovec). From lodge at the Source of the Soča River, one can take a short hiking tour to the Source of the Soča River.

Elevation profile

MTB Soca