Bovec Slovenia sport activities

Summer season

Rafting, hydrospeed and kayaking on Soca and Koritnica river. Canyoning of Susec creek. Biking with road and mountain bikes in Bovec and surroundings. Hiking and walking on several trails in Soca Valley. Paragliding, speleology and sky diving. Everything in one place.

Summer season in Bovec lasts from May until end of September. The main summer sports activities are related to Soca - emerald color river that shaped a valley where Bovec is located. Soca River is perfect for all kinds of wild water sport activities. The main one is rafting. Many Bovec sport agencies offer a memorable rafting experience passing trough immaculate green scenery of Soca valley. Kayaking is also very popular. Soca offers a variety of difficulty degrees so a novice and experienced kayakers can enjoy the river. Among other summer activities one can do in Bovec are: canyoning, hydro speed, mountain biking and caving.

Winter season

Winter tourism season stretches from December until May. Main winter activities are skiing on Kanin mountain ski slopes (2200m). Ski area is connected with Italian Sela Nevea so it is possible to ski on both sides of Kanin mountain range. While Slovenian south site has plenty of sun, Italian side stays with excellent snow as it is on the north side of Kanin. There are plenty of other winter activities as sledging, ice climbing snow walking. There are many local sports agencies organizing these activities.