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Bovec - Slovenian outdoor sport center

The Bovec area with its natural jewels – emerald waters, green slopes covered by forests, and mountain peaks and precipitous walls – is challenging at any time of the year. Paragliders know both the summer and winter horizons above Bovec. Climbers who test the solid surface under overhanging rocks in summer can test their ice climbing skills in winter. Hikers who are exhilarated by blossoming nature in spring can enjoy snowshoeing in winter. Summer boating activities with kayak and raft are replaced in winter by alpine, tour or cross-country skiing. Downhill biking is replaced by extreme snow sledding. In addition, the Bovec area can be explored by dogsled in winter. Not only the steep slopes but also many scenic roads turn into excellent sledding courses, and cold days can be livened up by ice-skating as well.

Our local sports agencies provide excellent service for all of the sports challenges possible in the Bovec area.


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Šport Center Bovec

Address :

Kot 2
5230 Bovec

Amenities :

  • Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Kayak
  • Zipline
  • Hydrospeed

Details :

 Owner :
 Phone number : +386 31 263-632

We offer

- Rafting
- Kayaking
- Hydrospeed
- Canyoning
- Hiking
- Caving


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