Around Bovec Western trail

An easy/semi-demanding circular biking trail that leads across the western part of the Bovec Basin.


  • Route: Bovec - Plužna - Čezsoča - Bovec
  • Trail: easy/semi demanding
  • Siutable for: mountain bikes
  • Length: 18.3 km
  • Altitude difference: 270 m
  • Download GPS Garmin: zahodna.gdb
  • Download GPS XML: zahodna.gpx

Description of tour

The tour starts in the centre of Bovec and continues via the main road toward the hamlet of Plužna. In the centre of the hamlet, by the fountain, turn right and cycle to the artificial lake made for the Plužna hydroelectric power plant. The tour continues along the lake and further following a concrete channel up to the first post, where a left turn must be made. Next is a short but rather demanding descent to a bridge over the Gljun Stream. Some 100 m after crossing the bridge is a junction; turn right here and continue across the bridge over Ročica and past the golf course to the main Bovec-Žaga road. Here, turn right again and follow the main road up to the branch-off for Čezsoča. The main road is left here to cross a bridge over the Soča River. On the other side of the bridge, turn left to asphalt road road and follow it to the village of Čezsoča. The tour continues via an asphalt road straight through the village to the intersection for the hamlet of Jablenca, a bit before ‘gostilna Vančar’ (i.e. the Vančar guest-house). At the intersection, continue straight, and after 3 km of asphalt road the hamlet of Jablenca is reached. Soon after the hamlet, a footpath branches off left to a wooden bridge over the Soča River. Bridge is currently closed due to construction ! After crossing the bridge, the tour leads left and continues to a wooden bridge over the Koritnica River. After crossing that bridge, an asphalt road toward Bovec is reached at the Toni campsite. The part of the tour from the hamlet of Jablenca to the Toni campsite is rather exposed, so some caution is required. From the campsite, an asphalt road leads to a short but steep uphill section, at the top of which you turn right and cycle via a cart track to the Bovec bypass at the “Devica Marija v Polju” church (Eng.: Church of Virgin Mary in the Field). The tour continues past the tennis courts back to the starting point.

Points of interest

During this tour, other natural wonders may be visited, namely the magnificent Boka Waterfall (on the main Bovec-Žaga road, before the branch-off for Čezsoča) as well as the Virje Waterfall and the spring of the Gljun Stream (both near the artificial lake in Plužna).

Map and elevation profile of trail