Trenta - Zadnjica

This undemanding walking trail leads to the Zadnjica Valley.


  • Route: Trenta - Zadnjica - Trenta
  • Difficulty: Undemanding
  • trail length: 7.5 km
  • Walking time: 2 hours

Route description

The tour starts at serpentine no. 50 on the road leading to the Vršič Pass,not far from the settlement called Na Logu in the Trenta Valley. Here a macadam road along the Krajcarica Stream forks off. After 20 minutes the road branches off more noticeably. To the left leads a mountain trail to Kriški podi (Križ Plateau) and up to the Belopotoški slap (Beli Potok Waterfall), while you must go straight and follow the road to the end of the valley. The trail ends under the mighty wall of Kanjavec, which is the starting point for climbing Mt. Triglav via Dolič as well as for visiting the Sedmera jezera (Seven Lakes of Triglav) via Prehodavci. This tour is also suitable for a mountain biking excursion.