This non/semi demanding circular walking trail leads across the eastern part of the Bovec Basin.


Route: Bovec - Kukč - Bovec
Difficulty: non/semi demanding
Trail length: 9.7 km
Walking time: 3 hours

Route description

From the centre of Bovec, this tour leads via the main road toward Mala vas, where at the B&B Bar a left turn from the main road is made. Here, continue right and walk along the Gereš Brook through Mala vas and further across the meadows and parallel to the main road up to the junction with the B4b walking trail leading to Ravni Laz. At the junction, keep straight and walk further until the main Bovec-Log pod Mangartom road is reached. Here, cross the main road and leave it again after some metres where a macadam trail branches off to the right. The tour continues along this macadam road up to a bridge where a right turn is to be made and the bridge crossed to the “Kukč” homestead. The tour then continues via the cart track to the village of Koritnica and straight to the main Bovec-Trenta road. Once on the main road, turn right (in the direction of Bovec) and after 50 metres turn left on the cart track towards the hamlet of Jablenca. After a while, the cart track changes into a footpath which descends to a junction with a bridge over the Soča River. Instead of crossing the bridge, turn right and continue to the next hanging bridge, over the Koritnica River. After crossing the bridge, an asphalt road towards Bovec is reached at the Toni campsite. From the campsite, the asphalt road leads to a short but rather steep uphill section, at the top of which a right turn is to be made following a cart track to the Bovec bypass at the “Devica Marija v Polju” church (Eng.: Church of Virgin Mary in the Field). The tour continues past the tennis courts back to the starting point.