Vodenca - Jablanca

The most popular hiking route in Bovec. This non demanding circular walking trail leads across the southern part of the Bovec Basin.


  • Route: Bovec - Jablanca - Vodenca - Bovec
  • Difficulty: non demanding
  • Trail length: 7.7 km
  • Walking time: 2 hours

Route description

The tour starts in the centre of Bovec and continues to the “Devica Marija v Polju” church (Eng.: Church of Virgin Mary in the Field) passing the Hotel Kanin and the tennis courts along the way. After crossing an asphalt road, the tour continues to the junction at Ravelnik Hill. Here, turn left following the B1c trail for a detour leading to Austro-Hungarian military positions from WW1, or continue straight to another asphalt road. Once reaching the road a left turn towards the hamlet of Vodenca is to be made and following the road downhill another left turn to a footpath leading to the Koritnica River via some campsites. After crossing a hanging bridge, the tour leads to the next junction, where another hanging bridge over the Soča River is to be crossed. Following a short ascent uphill the asphalt road at the hamlet of Jablenca is reached. Here, turn right and follow the asphalt road to the Slatenik Stream. Soon after the bridge, turn right and follow the macadam road up to the main Bovec-Čezsoča road. Here, turn right and cross the bridge over the Soča River. From here, there are two possibilities: the first one requires an immediate left turn and the second only after a couple hundred meters. Both ways lead to the Bovec airfield from where an asphalt road brings you back to the centre of Bovec.