Soča - Lemovlje

Visit abandoned hamlet of Lemovlje beyond mount Bavški Grintavec.


  • Route: Soča - Lemovlje - Soča
  • Difficulty: Semi-demanding
  • Altitude difference: 370 m
  • Walking time: 2 hours

Route description

A semi-demanding, circular walking trail that starts in the village of Soča and climbs up to the abandoned hamlet of Lemovje. This part of the trail leads along a marked mountain trail towards Mt. Grintavec. Return is via another trail that descends to the main road in the village of Soča at the turn-off for Vrsnik, 1 km from the starting point. Sightseeing at Lemovje includes visiting interesting abandoned farmhouses of typical architecture, pastures enclosed by stone walls (called "mir" by the local people), and larch forest. In addition, the hamlet offers a gorgeous view of the Vrsnik Valley and surrounding peaks.